3 Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Diabetes

Step 1

Register your interest​

Fill out the form here or reply to SugoBot with your details.  A member of ConnectedHealth’s team will contact you and guide you through the process of evaluating and setting up SugoSure

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Step 2

Find our what SugoSure can do for you

A SugoSure health coach will review your current status based on your reply to 8 short questions in our Diabetes Assessment, which you can try now or after an initial discussion with us.

​​From your Diabetes Assessment results we will identify areas where SugoSure can help you make improvements and explain how it works. Then subscribe or sign up for a free 2-week trial, including health coach support.

​​Our admin team will help you complete your subscription.​

Take assessment
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Step 3

Link to your doctor​

As a subscriber, you will be connected with​ your doctor through the SugoSure platform.​​

Once you have confirmed subscription we will contact your doctor and set up your account, which​involves uploading some of your basic medical data into SugoSure.  Data is provided by your doctor with your authorization.​​

After your doctor has set up your Clinical Plan in SugoSure you are ready to start using the app under guidance of your health coach.​