Guidance and Motivation to Help Diabetes Self-Management and Improve Blood Sugar Control

M was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nearly two decades ago but felt that he had never really got things under control. For many years his attitude was “This is life, I have to accept what life gives me”

Today, as a result of advances in medicine’s understanding of diabetes, M is much more aware that he can play an active role in keeping his diabetes under control.

Good Self-Management of Your Diabetes Right is a Key Factor for Better Blood Sugar Control

When he was offered the opportunity to beta test SugoSure, M felt this was a chance to kickstart the changes he had been intending to make.  At his stage of diabetes, a significant number of patients have needed to start insulin treatment – something which M really wanted to avoid.

M knew he needed to make lifestyle changes – both improving his diet to lose weight and increasing physical activity. With SugoSure, M found the structure and support he needed to make these changes.

A Lifestyle Plan which sets targets for key diabetes indicators for diet and activity

M found SugoSure’s Lifestyle Plan very useful as it gave him a regimen to follow, “a kick in the butt to get me going”. He has been so successful in making changes that he now feels uncomfortable when he misses his walks!

M says his SugoSure health coach Lim Mui Lan has also been instrumental in his journey.

“I have had diabetes for so long, it is difficult to keep motivated. I need someone to be accountable to, someone to guide and motivate me. Mui Lan tells me she is monitoring my activity so I make sure I hit the targets she has set for me in my Lifestyle Plan.”

Mui Lan regularly reviews M’s diet and activity as logged into SugoSure and gives him relevant advice on how to eat more healthily.

Help to monitor your diabetes appropriately

Before starting SugoSure, M monitored his blood glucose infrequently and irregularly.  SugoSure’s monitoring protocols have taught M the importance of setting and tracking progress vs targets for diabetes.  Graphs and indicators in the app show M’s progress and highlight any deviation from targets.  Both the app and M’s health coach also provide timely suggestions on how to get back on target if things aren’t going so well.

Using data to make changes to your diabetes self-management for better diabetes control

Self-management of diabetes requires a good understanding of the impact of specific food and lifestyle choices on blood glucose.  M felt that this was another of SugoSure’s benefits: "SugoSure gives me the data and knowledge to help me improve my understanding of diabetes and how to control it."

The results? An improved diabetes diet, higher activity levels and a major drop in HbA1c

A significant drop in HbA1c, M’s high expectations of SugoSure, coupled with his own motivation to change, led M to follow SugoSure’s regimen closely.  This has produced spectacular results: M’s HbA1c dropped by 1.4% after 3 months using SugoSure, far exceeding targets and reaching levels similar to non-diabetics.  In his first 3 months M lost more than 5kg in weight and increased his average daily steps from less than 5000 to more than 15,000.

Blood glucose reading patterns in the 1st and 3rd months of SugoSure use for Beta Test Patient M

It is now 9 months since M started SugoSure.  Despite a challenging environment due to Covid-19, M has continued to make steady progress and has now lost 15kg since starting SugoSure.  M’s blood glucose control remains very good and he sustains his improved lifestyle, which he is now fine-tuning through SugoSure’s advanced monitoring protocols.  His doctor has reduced his medication dosage as a result of his improved lifestyle so M’s fears of progressing to insulin may now prove groundless.

"Previously I didn't have tools like SugoSure and I was less aware of the importance of managing my diabetes well - I was just going along in life.  Now with SugoSure, I have the tools and support to get things under control.  I am more conscious of what I need to do and I make a concerted effort to achieve my goals.”