Patient Support for Better Diabetes Medication Management

Diabetes medications are extremely effective in helping to control your blood glucose and your doctor will manage the types of medication you need and their dosage.

It’s important to take your medicines correctly: don’t skip or forget to take doses and take your medications at the right times and in the correct way.  Your medications will then have their full effect and you can minimize any side effects which may arise.

SugoSure helps you to do this with medication reminders set according to the specific medicines you are taking

diabetes medication management

SugoSure can also help your medication management by allowing your doctor to give you remote feedback about your medication. 

If your doctor is remotely monitoring your progress using the SugoSure Physician Portal he/she may message you through SugoSure with advice on adjustments to dosage and when to take your medications, based on your blood glucose profile.

With good lifestyle management it may be possible to reduce your medications or even to stop them. This almost always requires some focus and motivation by patients to adjust their lifestyle, which SugoSure is designed to support.

Diet and lifestyle management should always be part of the care plan for any patient with diabetes. SugoSure helps patients to make needed changes for better long-term diabetes outcomes


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