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SugoSure’s secure cloud platform connects Patient with Doctor and Health Coach - enabling Coordinated and 

Comprehensive Team-Based Care.


Truly a First

SugoSure’s cloud-based data model and analytics pave the way for a New Approach to Collaboration between Patient, Doctor and Payer.

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"I Dropped My HbA1c Within Weeks Through Lifestyle Changes"


"Now I have the tool I need to help me adjust diabetes diet and lifestyle"


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Your Personal Diabetes Companion

Support if you need it, when you need it

Data-driven Management of Your Diabetes

Helping You
to Take control

SugoSure is a complete programme which provides digital support as well as personalized health coaching to help you achieve better self-management of your diabetes.

Your Personal
Diabetes Companion

The SugoSure Patient App guides and supports you as a digital diabetes companion.

  • Correctly log the measures you need to track progress
  • Analyse what can be improved based on trends
  • Learn what you need to know to keep things in control

Support if You Need it,
When You Need it

Your health coach works with you to develop plans and make changes needed to meet your targets.

  • After a 2 week evaluation, your health coach agrees a Lifestyle Plan with you to get you on track
  • SugoSure provides feedback on your progress and alerts you to any problems
  • Your health coach reviews your data and communicates with you by messaging in the app and Teleconsults

Data-driven Management
of your Diabetes

The data you log enables your health coach and doctor to provide better, more closely monitored care.

  • Your Care Team tracks your progress remotely through the Physician and Health Coach Web Portals.
  • SugoSure's protocols highlight key trends and issues to your Care Team to assist their reviews
  • You and your doctor receive a detailed 3-monthly report which summarises your Care Plan and progress

Your Personal
Diabetes Companion

SugoSure shows patient Diana when to take her blood glucose readings based on a specific Monitoring Schedule set by her doctor and health coach

When she logs a reading she gets immediate feedback and can see how this affects her key indicators and reading patterns

In certain cases Diana automatically gets assistance from SugoBot, SugoSure’s integral diabetes chatbot, which engages her in discussion about causes of any her out-of-range reading

On days when Diana takes blood glucose readings she also logs her meals in order to better understand the impact of specific foods on her blood glucose and manage her calorie balance

She does this by searching for the relevant food item from SugoSure’s database of more than 3000 local food choices and may also save pictures for a more accurate dietary analysis

Diana gets immediate feedback on the food’s calorie content, which helps her manage her daily calorie intake to the limit needed for her to lose weight

Support if You Need it,
When You Need it

Following a 2-week Baseline Assessment, Diana’s health coach reviews her current blood glucose control and discusses lifestyle areas which can be improved by phone

Diana agrees a Lifestyle Plan with her health coach which addresses these areas in achievable ways and sets targets to be monitored by SugoSure

Her health coach sets up a Teleconsult with Diana if alerted to a problem by the system and provides guidance and support to fix the problem and stay on track

Diana can also message her health coach at any time if she has questions or concerns, supplementing periodic health coach calls at scheduled intervals 

Data-driven Management
of your Diabetes

SugoSure is built on ConnectedHealth’s Clinical Data Platform — a comprehensive database of your clinical measures stored securely in the cloud.

Your doctor and health coach review your progress based on what you log through the app. Remote monitoring and SugoSure’s algorithm-driven alerts provide a very accurate picture of your progress allowing earlier detection and resolution of problems.

The result of closer monitoring, better feedback and support and a clear Lifestyle Plan is better management of your diabetes

With good compliance, SugoSure can result in very significant improvement in your blood glucose control and a much improved overall health status.

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"I finally found the guidance and motivation I need to get my blood sugar control right"


"I Dropped My HbA1c Within Weeks Through Lifestyle Changes"


"How I learnt to take control as a new diabetes patient"


"Now I have the tool I need to help me adjust diabetes diet and lifestyle"