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Helping Patients to Improve Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle

If you have diabetes, achieving good blood sugar control almost always involves actively managing your diet and lifestyle to make specific changes – in addition to taking the medication your doctor prescribes.

Follow a Better Diabetes Diet Through Food Logging, Feedback and Support

Many patients need to modify their diet to reduce foods which cause blood sugar spikes and substitute these with foods which promote more sustained blood glucose levels within the target range.

You may also need to control your calorie intake (and increase your calorie burn through exercises) in order to lose weight.

SugoSure helps you to manage your diet by giving you a tool and guidance on logging your meals plus feedback and diet plans to make the changes you need.  If you are working with a dietician, SugoSure also provides valuable data to help your dietician give you better recommendations.

diabetes diet and lifestyle management

How SugoSure Helps Patients to Log Food and Make Changes to Their Diet

On days when Diana takes blood glucose readings she also logs her meals in order to better understand the impact of specific foods on her blood glucose and manage her calorie balance

She does this by searching for the relevant food item from SugoSure’s database of more than 3000 local food choices and may also save pictures for a more accurate dietary analysis

Diana gets immediate feedback on the food’s calorie content, which helps her manage her daily calorie intake to the limit needed for her to lose weight

Plans and Motivation to Help You Step Up Your Exercises and Activity

The other aspect of good diabetes lifestyle management is maintaining high levels of activity.

The SugoSure Patient App tracks your daily steps by integrating with your phone’s built-in step counter.

It also helps you set an Exercise Plan with reminders and motivational hints to help you stick to your routine

SugoSure gives you the support and guidance to develop effective diabetes lifestyle plans for both your diet and your activity/exercises.

Your SugoSure diabetes coach plays a major role in working with you to create workable plans then tracking your progress and helping you to make adjustments to make sure your achieve your lifestyle goals.

SugoSure includes personalised coaching from diabetes-specialised registered nurses who provide feedback, support and motivation as you implement lifestyle changes

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