A Patient Support App which Includes Personal Diabetes Coaching

If you have diabetes it can be hard to know where to focus your lifestyle changes or to stay motivated to achieve your targets.

This is where SugoSure's specialised diabetes coaches play an important role in helping you to take control of your diabetes. 

Our specialized, nursing-registered coaches provide motivation, information and support – if you need it, when you need it.

Your diabetes coach will work with you to create your own lifestyle plan then to track your progress and make adjustments as needed to help you achieve your goals. 

Your coach monitors your progress based on the data you enter into SugoSure and messages you with feedback and recommendations as needed.  You can also message your coach at any time if you have questions or worries.

diabetes personal coach

How SugoSure's Diabetes Coaches Support You as a Patient

Following a 2-week Baseline Assessment, Diana’s health coach reviews her current blood glucose control and discusses lifestyle areas which can be improved by phone

Diana agrees a Lifestyle Plan with her health coach which addresses these areas in achievable ways and sets targets to be monitored by SugoSure

Her health coach sets up a Teleconsult with Diana if alerted to a problem by the system and provides guidance and support to fix the problem and stay on track

Diana can also message her health coach at any time if she has questions or concerns, supplementing periodic health coach calls at scheduled intervals 

SugoSure’s personal diabetes coaching together with remote monitoring help you to manage any problems you face with your diabetes and achieve the goals you set for better blood sugar control – all without the need to visit a clinic!

Good blood sugar control usually requires a disciplined approach to monitoring your diabetes then making lifestyle adjustments. Learn how SugoSure supports you to achieve this:


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