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The Best App for Your Diabetes that's much more than an app

SugoSure is delivered by ConnectedHealth in association with independent doctors and corporate medical groups.

Its design provides an unprecedented level of support and motivation through the Patient App, which also connects you to your doctor and a health coach to guide you.

This holistic and clinically-validated approach is a first for diabetes and enables patients to achieve best-practice care and self-management in an easy-to-use and intuitive way.

Summary of SugoSure's features which support better diabetes patient self-management

What should a diabetes app do to support best management for your diabetes?

A good diabetes app should help you to log and track key indicators of your diabetes control: not only your blood glucose readings but also lifestyle measures including your diet, activity and weight. It should also give you feedback and support to help you make adjustments if needed to improve your diabetes control.

SugoSure does all this and more. It helps you to monitor a set of key diabetes indicators and learn more about any problems then address these through lifestyle changes.

The data you enter through the Patient App is analysed using specialised algorithms built into ConnectedHealth's Clinical Data Platform. It is shared with your doctor and health coach, enabling them to remotely monitor your progress.

A Holistic System Which Supports You To Achieve Best Practice Care And Self-Management

SugoSure’s digital health support gives you feedback and support to help improve your diabetes control

You also get valuable feedback through SugoSure's alerts, graphs and indicators, providing digital health support which motivates and helps you make any changes needed.

SugoSure is available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android phones and may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore. Additional data is required from patient and doctor to enable full functioning of the system - you will be given instructions upon sign-up.

A screen from the SugoSure patient app showing 2-week diabetes tracking indicators

Much more than an app, SugoSure also includes personal health coaching from a diabetes-specialised registered nurse.

Most diabetes apps are just apps, leaving you without support to help you better self-manage. SugoSure is much more than an app since it also includes health coaching.

Your health coach works with you through messaging and phone calls to help you understand better the causes of your high or low blood sugar readings. She coordinates your Care Plan closely with your doctor and helps you analyse in more detail your diet, exercises and other lifestyle factors which affect your diabetes control. She is a constant source of motivation to help you meet your diabetes management targets.

Much more than an app, remote monitoring of your diabetes data by your doctor enables faster, more effective responses to any problems

Most diabetes apps operate without any input from your doctor. Again, SugoSure is different: SugoSure actually assists your doctor as he or she develops your Clinical Plan for better diabetes control.

It also shares your diabetes indicators with both your doctor and health coach through a secure cloud-based data management platforms which analyses your clinical data and alerts doctor and health coach if your control is off-track.

Through remote monitoring of your progress they are able to identify any problems earlier and respond faster and more effectively than through traditional interactions, giving you the peace of mind to know that you can trust your doctor to get to the root cause of any problem you are experiencing.

What essential diabetes management functions should be covered by a good diabetes app?

Organisations such as the American Diabetes Association and the UK's National Institute for Clinical Excellence advocate five essential aspects of diabetes management that must be addressed by any diabetes management programme to conform to Good Clinical Practice. These are: a suitable diabetes diet, high levels of activity and exercises, weight management, medication management and blood sugar monitoring.

Adherence to these principles has been built into SugoSure's design so that the system tracks your data in relation to all five key areas, including your diabetes diet, exercises and weight management. Targets are set for your key indicator data as part of a Clinical Plan made by your doctor and a Lifestyle Plan developed in consultation with your health coach. SugoSure's digital health guidance and feedback then supports implementation of your plans to make sustainable improvements and reach your targets.

A Comprehensive and Coordinated Diabetes Management Platform designed with input from some of Singapore's top endocrinology specialists

SugoSure has been designed from the start to support a comprehensive and coordinated approach to diabetes management. It addresses areas which have been overlooked by the many diabetes apps on the market (see this article 'Examining Diabetes Management Apps Recommended from a Google Search'). SugoSure's design takes a holistic approach to care and has involved detailed discussions with our Medical Advisors and extensive reviews of clinical best practice.

Our protocols are designed to build patient engagement and adoption of best-practice self-management behaviours - which has been proven to lead to better outcomes (see this article ' Improved Outcomes From Diabetes Monitoring: The Benefits of Better Adherence, Therapy Adjustments, Patient Education, and Telemedicine support'). SugoSure's integral health coaching is also a first in our target Asian markets. Health coaching addresses gaps in healthcare delivery which SugoSure fills in an efficient way by leveraging our technology.

Beta Testing has demonstrated how it can help reduce HbA1c and fasting blood glucose levels - key measures of blood sugar control

SugoSure Beta Testing was carried out from late 2019 onwards and has demonstrated the system's ability to improve diabetes control for patients who were previously sub-optimally or poorly controlled.Our goal for patients joining the SugoSure programme is to bring down their HbA1c to target levels within a 6-12 month timeframe. Changes don't happen overnight: SugoSure's formula for sustained improvement in diabetes control is planned lifestyle changes with education and feedback on better self-management. In this way, SugoSure aims to have lasting results which fundamentally improve your health status and reduce your long-term risks.
Results from SugoSure's Beta Test showing improvement in HbA1c after 3 months' SugoSure use
Summary results from SugoSure's Beta Test showing improvement in blood glucose levels after 3 months

A motivating and informative approach, helping you to learn how your body responds to diabetes medications, specific foods and exercise​

SugoSure's initial Beta Test patient users found its approach motivating and informative, helping them learn how their body responds to medications, specific foods and exercise.

This enabled them to make adjustments which have had a major impact on their blood glucose control.

Patients have generally felt much more satisfied with their diabetes management while using SugoSure.  

Finally - a solution to help you take control of your diabetes!

"SugoSure's graphs and food diary have helped me understand how my food choices impact my blood glucose. I have learnt from it and even my whole family have learnt from it! We are all eating healthier now.”
Patient TLT after 9 months of SugoSure use
Improvement in patient satisfaction after 3 months' SugoSure use
Reasons for patient dis-satisfaction with their diabetes management before starting SugoSure