SugoSure is a digital health system delivered by ConnectedHealth in association with independent doctors and corporate medical groups.

Its design provides an unprecedented level of support and motivation through the Patient App, which also connects you to your doctor and a health coach to guide you.

This holistic and clinically-validated approach is a first for diabetes and enables patients to achieve best-practice care and self-management in an easy-to-use and intuitive way.

SugoSure helps you learn more about your diabetes and improve your control by asking you to record key measures such as blood glucose readings and what you eat.

This data is analysed using specialised algorithms built into ConnectedHealth's Clinical Data Platform.

SugoSure's alerts, graphs and indicators give you clinically-relevant digital health support which provides motivation and helps you make any changes needed.

You will also receive personalised health coaching from a diabetes-specialised registered nurse.  Your health coach works with you to develop your Lifestyle Plan and related targets.  She will then support you to achieve your goals through phone calls and messaging.

SugoSure makes your clinical data available to your doctor and health coach, enabling remote monitoring of your progress and faster, more effective responses to any problems which arise.

A Holistic System Which Supports You To Achieve Best Practice Care And Self-Management


SugoSure has been designed from the start to support a comprehensive and coordinated approach to diabetes management.

It addresses areas which have been overlooked by the many diabetes apps on the market¹ and takes a holistic approach to care.

This has involved detailed discussions with our Medical Advisors and extensive reviews of clinical best practice.

Our protocols are designed to build patient engagement and adoption of best-practice self-management behaviours - which has been proven to lead to better outcomes².

SugoSure's integral health coaching is also a first in our target Asian markets.  Health coaching addresses gaps in healthcare delivery which SugoSure fills in an efficient way by leveraging our technology.

¹ Jimenez G, Lum E, Car J. Examining Diabetes Management Apps Recommended From a Google Search: Content Analysis. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2019;7(1):e11848. Published 2019 Jan 16. doi:10.2196/11848

² Klonoff DC. Improved Outcomes From Diabetes Monitoring: The Benefits of Better Adherence, Therapy Adjustments, Patient Education, and Telemedicine support. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2012;6(3):486–490. Published 2012 May 1. doi:10.1177/193229681200600301


SugoSure's initial Beta Test patient users found its approach motivating and informative, helping them learn how their body responds to medications, specific foods and exercise.

This enabled them to make adjustments which have had a major impact on their blood glucose control.

Patients have generally felt much more satisfied with their diabetes management while using SugoSure.  

Finally - a solution to help you take control of your diabetes!

"SugoSure's graphs and food diary have helped me understand how my food choices impact my blood glucose. I have learnt from it and even my whole family have learnt from it! We are all eating healthier now.”
Patient TLT after 9 months of SugoSure use

Reduction in HbA1c and Fasting Blood Glucose in Beta Test patients with starting HbA1c >7%

100% of patients were 'somewhat satisfied' or 'very satisfied after 3 months of SugoSure