SugoSure for Patients

An overview of the SugoSure Patient App. How SugoSure's digital health system supports patients with type 2 diabetes.

Maintaining a Healthy Balanced Diet for Patients with Diabetes

This webinar presented on 17 May 2022 discusses the importance of diet in blood sugar control and gives practical advice to patients with diabetes who aim to improve their diet. Panellists: Michele Wong - Managing Director, Nutriwerkz Pte Ltd Sheetal Somaiya - Chief Nutrition Officer, The Health Suttra Lim Mui Lan - Health Coach and Diabetes Nurse Educator, SugoSure Moderated by Dr Ronald Ling - Chief Executive Officer, ConnectedHealth Pte Ltd

Tracking your Activity and Calorie Balance

Being Active is an important aspect of lifestyle management to achieve good control of your diabetes. This Using SugoSure clip shows how SugoSure helps you to achieve your activity goals.

How to Log Your Meals

SugoSure helps you log your meals in a systematic way, guided by your health coach. It then gives you detailed analysis and feedback so that you can make any needed adjustments. This short Using SugoSure clip shows you how the process works.

User Guide to the SugoSure Patient App

A 4 minute overview of the SugoSure Patient App for first time users

The Physician Portal - A User Guide

An overview of all main functions of the SugoSure Physician Portals for new users and physicians who are trialling SugoSure.

SugoSure for Physicians

Overview and demonstration of how SugoSure works from the perspective of a SugoSure-affiliated physician. SugoSure is an innovative, comprehensive and evidence-based digital health system which transforms diabetes care.

Transforming Diabetes Care Through Technology

Edited highlights from a panel discussion with leading diabetes specialists and digital health experts presented to mark the launch of SugoSure in the Singapore market on 12 January 2022.

Interpreting Your Blood Glucose Patterns

A short clip from the Using SugoSure series explaining how to interpret your blood glucose patterns shown in the SugoSure Patient App. Understanding what these patterns mean then adjusting your lifestyle to manage any problems is a key part of improving your control with SugoSure.

Following Your Monitoring Schedule

Your SugoSure Doctor and health coach set your Monitoring Schedule which helps you check key measures at the right time. This Using SugoSure short clip explains what is a Monitoring Schedule and why it is important.

How to Log Your Blood Glucose Readings

This Using SugoSure clip shows how simple and quick it is to log your blood glucose readings into SugoSure. And then - to get immediate feedback and guidance to help you understand the cause of any off-track readings, so you can make any adjustments needed to improve your control