Advanced Monitoring of Your Diabetes Indicators for Better Blood Glucose Control

The cornerstone of good diabetes self-management is monitoring your blood glucose levels and related lifestyle factors.

Helping You to Get Your Diabetes Monitoring Right

SugoSure makes is easy for you to self-monitor by giving you clear instructions on when to take blood glucose readings and how to log your meals and activity.

SugoSure also provides feedback through notifications, graphs and other indicators based on the data you log. In this way, you will be able to track your progress and refine plans to improve your glucose control.

To monitor your blood glucose with SugoSure, you should own a glucometer and test strips or a device for continuous glucose monitoring such as the Freestyle Libre by Abbott.

blood glucose monitoring

How SugoSure Helps Patients to Monitor Their Diabetes More Effectively

SugoSure shows patient Diana when to take her blood glucose readings based on a specific Monitoring Schedule set by her doctor and health coach

When she logs a reading she gets immediate feedback and can see how this affects her key indicators and reading patterns

Remote Monitoring to fix Blood Sugar Problems Earlier

SugoSure also supports remote monitoring of your diabetes by your diabetes coach and your doctor.

The data which you enter is analysed and processed by SugoSure algorithms and is available to your Care Team, which can monitor this without you having to make visits to a clinic.

This helps your clinicians to make better, more timely decisions about your diabetes management and to deliver more closely-monitored care and better clinical outcomes.

How SugoSure helps your Care Team Deliver Better Care to You – All Remotely

SugoSure is built on ConnectedHealth’s Clinical Data Platform — a comprehensive database of your clinical measures stored securely in the cloud.

Your doctor and health coach review your progress based on what you log through the app. Remote monitoring and SugoSure’s algorithm-driven alerts provide a very accurate picture of your progress allowing earlier detection and resolution of problems.

The result of closer monitoring, better feedback and support and a clear Lifestyle Plan is better management of your diabetes

With good compliance, SugoSure can result in very significant improvement in your blood glucose control and a much improved overall health status.

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